The Hopedale Pistol & Rifle Club was formed in 1947 and housed the Draper Corporation
entries into the Worcester Industrial League.  Competitors from the Hopedale teams
have won numerous awards and set many records in the shooting sports.  The Hopedale Pistol
Team was the last Civilian team winner in the National Pistol Championships.  Currently, the
major focus of the Club is the promotion of the Shooting sports with entries in the Worcester
County League.  The Junior members under 18 are competing in 22 caliber rifle and air pistol competitions..

The facilities are located at 25 Depot Street, Hopedale, in the building behind the Police Station.
The range is a 50 feet indoor target with eight positions.   The Clubhouse also has a reloading room.

Applications for membership must fill out the form and have two members in good standing
sign the application as Sponsors and the application.  In the absence of sponsors, applicants may meet with a member of the Board of Directors.  Under which circumstances the Board will be their sponsor.  The applicant and at least one of the sponsors must be present at the
meeting to be voted into membership.  Once elected into membership each new member must attend a one hour club orientation before granted access to the club.

Meetings are held on the last Thursday in September, October, January, March and May at
7:00 PM at the Clubhouse.